Happier New Year!..

Actually, anything this year will be an improvement. Too much death and destruction and wierdness of a bad kind. Lets move on...shall we?


mjlai said...

Thanks so much for the email. :) Can't wait to see new works from you.. your sculptures are an inspiration.

Peter Konig said...

I can't wait to do something new too...have go get my butt in gear now that people might be watching.

Scotty said...

I too appreciate the invite e-mail. You're works have always been inspirational for me.
I'll never forget one thing you told me a while back...
"You're gonna screw up...so accept it...learn from it, and move on."
You were totally right, and I've become a better sculptor because of it. Can't let fear of messing up stop us...just gotta get to it, and do it.

Willem said...

Thanks for the invite.

These are fantastic. Very expressive and imaginitive and a nice contrast to your concept pieces.

I'll definately be keeping an eye on your blog =)